A  great place to play softball !

March 7-8 in Martin, TN - FROZEN TUNDRA


$350 for U8, and $400 for U10 and up, 5 game guarantee.

12 team MAX, only 2 divisions will play.

U8 will play 5 innings, no time limit....15 run rule after 3, 9 after 4 (can only score 8 per inning)

U10 will have No infield fly rule, No dropped 3rd strike...batter is out even if catcher drops 3rd strike.

ANY BALL out of play: base runners will get 1 base.

U8 Yellow Pool: all teams will play at 10:00, 1:40, and 5:40 on Saturday

Xtreme Heat

Adrenaline 06

Wreck 'N Crew

TN Diamonds

All U8 teams will return Sunday for Double Elimination.

10:00 N Xtreme Heat v TN Diamonds

10:00 S Adrenaline 06 v Wreck 'N Crew

1:40 N Adrenaline 06 v TN Diamonds

1:40 S Xtreme Heat v Wreck 'N Crew

5:40 N Adrenaline 06 v Xtreme Heat

5:40 S TN Diamonds v Wreck 'N Crew

U10 POOLS ARE DRAWN, I will post Saturday schedule at 7:00 PM tonight.

Waiting List: 1) Lady Wildcats 2) Martin Maniacs 3) Atoka Diamonds

All U10 teams will return on Sunday and play at least 2 games.

Orange Pool: all teams will play at 11:00, 3:00, 6:40 on Saturday

West KY Aftershock

Lady Sparks

Lady Hawks

DC Lady Indians

11:00 N West KY Aftershock v Lady Sparks

11:00 S Lady Hawks v DC Lady Indians

3:00 N Lady Sparks v DC Lady Indians

3:00 S Lady Hawks v West KY Aftershock

6:40 N Lady Hawks v  Lady Sparks

6:40 S DC Lady Indians v West KY Aftershock

Blue Pool: all teams will play at 12:20, 4:20, and 8:00 on Saturday.

Team Xtreme

Lady Pirates

Worth Prospects 05

WK Fusion

12:20 N Team Xtreme v Lady Pirates

12:20 S Worth Prospects 05 v WK Fusion

4:20 N Team Xtreme v WK Fusion

4:20 S Lady Pirates v Worth Prospects 05

8:00 N Worth Prospects 05 v Team Xtreme

8:00 S Lady Pirates v WK Fusion




All events could end up being 1 day, dependent on number of total teams.


2 day events are $200 (U8 is $100, 4 game guarantee) with a 5 game guarantee, if for some reason, you DO NOT receive 5 games, then teams would receive $40 voucher towards fuure events.

All 1 Day events are $175 with 4 game guarantee, if for some reason, you DO NOT receive 4 games, then teams would receive $40 voucher towards future events.

March 14-15 in Paris, TN - St. Patty's

March 21-22 in Paris, TN - March Madness

March 28-29 in Camden, TN - April Fools'

April 4 in Paris, TN - Easter Slam 1 Day Event

April 11-12 in Camden, TN Early Bird

April 18-19 in Camden, TN - Spring Fever

May 2-3 in Camden, TN - Derby Day on the Diamond

May 9 in Paris, TN - Mothers' Day Out 1 Day Event

May 16-17 in Martin, TN - May Play Day

May 23-24 in Camden, TN - Memorial Day Magic

May 30-31 in Martin, TN - SCHOOLS OUT!

June 6-7 in Paris, TN - June Jam

June 13-14 in Paris, TN - KY Lake Classic

June 20-21 in Camden, TN - Fun in the Sun

June 27-28 in Martin, TN

July 4-5 in Paris, TN - Glory Dayzz

July 11-12 in Camden, TN - Hot Tamale

July 18-19 in Martin, TN - The Soybean Classic

July 25-26 in Paris, TN - Dawg Daze of Summer

August 8-9 in Paris, TN

August 15-16 in Martin, TN

August 22-23 in Martin, TN COLLEGE EXPOSURE

August 29-30 in Paris, TN

September 5-6 in Camden, TN

September 26-27 in Martin, TN

October 3-4 in Camden, TN

October 10-11 in Martin, TN

October 24-25 in Camden, TN

November 7-8 in Paris, TN

November 14-15 in Paris, TN

Todd Latta to enter:





Contact Todd Latta for more information or to enter an event at 731-225-9716.

SEE "Upcoming Tournaments" tab for teams listed in each.


-All teams must be sanctioned for the 2015 season. Sanctioning can be done online at Click on "team registration" tab (I can add you to USFA site only when sanctioned)

-All teams must turn in a complete and signed USFA roster. Blank rosters can be obtained by going to and click on "blank roster" tab.

-Proof of insurance is required and team managers must have birth certificates in their possession during the tournament.

-All balls are furnished, 3 Coaches passes

-Checks made payable to "ParisTournaments" or cash


McNeill Park, 1315 Edwards St, Paris, TN 38242

Benton County Industrial Park

961 Divider and Natchez Trace Rd

Camden, TN

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